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TecnoInfo is an IT company in Ticino. TecnoInfo provides IT services for Ticino companies. We offer a large portfolio of advanced, and above all modern, IT solutions to reduce the need for assistance, reduce costs associated with the IT department, and train staff with IT courses to use the installed tools.

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Swisscomm partner

We are proud certified Swisscom partners. The best choice to guarantee flexibility and reliability with a high quality level.

3CX Partner

With one system, your team can work efficiently from anywhere at no additional cost. At the same time decreasing IT expenses.


TecnoInfo since 2013 also active in Canton Ticino, was born from more than twenty years of experience in the field of communication and Information Technology of its founder. TecnoInfo is able to offer services and products to satisfy a good range of requests, from computer repair to the development of business or enterprise level IT solutions with high added value. We offer our IT service both in Canton Ticino and in the rest of Switzerland.  


Remote IT assistance

IT assistance from remote it is nothing more than remote assistance, that is, it allows a qualified technician to make PC repairs in a virtual way wherever you are, being able to verify the presence of any problems and intervene directly a solve your problems in time 0. We also offer a PC replacement or repair service in Ticino at home.

Cloud computing

Il cloud computing is a set of services offered through the internet (such as archiving, processing or data transmission), starting from a set of pre-existing resources, configurable and available remotely in the form of distributed architecture. We mention the most famous: Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure and for those who want to keep data in Switzerland Swisscom Cloud.


La blockchain it is a shared and “immutable” data structure. It is defined as a digital register whose entries are grouped into “blocks”, concatenated in chronological order, and whose integrity is guaranteed by the use of cryptography. Its content once written it is no longer nor editable. This is why this technology has made it ideal for virtual currency. But there are a lot of applications in the real world. Read more

Ip Pbx

The IP PBX communication system, in addition to drastically reducing costs, allows you to connect all your remote offices as if it were a single large office and gives you full management and configuration autonomy and at the same time unparalleled reliability. We are proud 3CX partners. Read more

Corporate computerization (ERP)

ERP systems unite and define a set of business processes and ensure the exchange of data. Transactional data from different sources of the organization in ERP systems eliminate data duplication and ensure its integrity.

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We make your life easier saving you money. Thanks to the partnership with 3CX, TecnoInfo gives you a complete VoIP switchboard, with call queues, integrated video calls, web video conferences and much more.

All the functions we offer you are remote-friendly. Your team can use our plant from any place via mobile apps and browsers. Our solution is completely compatible with the most popular IP phones and SIP trunks. Our 3CX VoIP PBX fits your business and stays affordable!

If you have more offices in Switzerland, or in Ticino, and you want to handle them as if they were one you can consider getting more information about it.

IT development

Management, software, mobile and web applications, relational databases to manage your company making it more competitive.

IT management

Our strength is customer satisfaction with two key points that are always fixed for us: reliability and cutting the superfluous.

Computer science in Ticino

La terminology the IT field is very complicated for anyone who does not have competence in the matter. Even on this home page there are many terms that are not friendly to a completely inexperienced audience. Our IT technician can explain everything you need in an understandable way. The relationship with the expert computer  for TecnoInfo it must be open and communication must be simple.

TecnoInfo sends you the IT technician in Ticino for an inspection.

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